Hand Engraved Monograms & Inscriptions


Hand Engraved Monograms & Inscriptions

A hand-engraved monogram is a tasteful way to personalize and identify your tool. Designing lettering is an art form in itself; by individually designing and hand cutting monograms, I have freedom to blend and balance the various elements of each letter into a pleasing composition that suits its setting. Flourishes may be added where appropriate. Although elaborate monograms can be quite beautiful, there is also a simple elegance in letters distilled to their essence; easy to read, well-designed, and perfectly cut. I can match or modify an existing monogram design as well.

Monograms and inscriptions can be cut in almost any letter style. Well-designed script is graceful and refined and is well suited to further embellishment if desired. Other styles, such as Roman and Old English, present a bolder look which can contrast nicely with accompanying scrollwork. Many variations of these and other letter styles may be used, based on your personal preferences and the way the letter combinations fit together.

A family crest, a logo, or other design can also be engraved.

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The ultimate in personalization