Fine Hand Engraving by Valdemar Skov

Signet ring seal-engraved (cut in reverse to make a positive impression in wax) with horse crest. Motto lettering is about 3/4 of a millimeter high.

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Fine Hand Engraving
Valdemar Skov

Please note: I am not taking new commissions at this time.

Welcome! This website primarily showcases my engraving of Lie-Nielsen hand planes and other fine tools. From my shop in midcoast Maine, I also provide hand engraving services to the trades and to individual clients for jewelry engraving, signet rings, watch engraving, brass clock dials, engraving bronze ship's bells, engraved flatware, engraved plaques, and many other items.

I am a woodcarver as well, and build furniture. Please visit my woodcarving page while you're here.

Through all my work, my goals are excellence in design, the highest level of craftsmanship, and your satisfaction as my client. I hope that you enjoy the photos and that the information here is helpful. Please feel free to contact me about your engraving, woodcarving, or furniture needs.

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